Voice acting sketch [Open Dungeons]

Voice acting sketch [Open Dungeons]

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Sketch voice acting I made for Open Dungeons, features:

A drunken dwarf, a Hero advisor, two Dungeon Keepers, an evil snake and a toady imp :)
Plus a bonus: neutral computer.

This will also do for many fantasy-style strategy projects :)

File format:
WAV 48000/32 bit
OGG 44100/16 bit

  • DWARF: 29 phrases
  • HERO: 46 phrases
  • KEEPER (GROAN): 47 phrases
  • KEEPER (NEUTRAL): 38 phrases
  • SNAKE: 47 phrases
  • TOADY: 31 phrases
  • COMPUTER: 42 phrases

Phrases fall into the following categories:

  • Greeting
  • Victory
  • Defeat
  • Ally defeated
  • One enemy defeated
  • Creature died
  • You have met an objective
  • You have a new objective
  • You have failed one of your objectives
  • Creature cannot create a bed
  • Creature is hungry and cannot find food
  • New creature arrived
  • We are under attack

The Voice Acting will be improved (re-recorded) as soon as improved script will be made. See http://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=6042 for details. Some of the files contain minor recording artefacts denoted with # tag in filename.

P.S. If you want some of *your* phrases also to be recorded, write a comment with specific requrest before I do re-recording (planned for late-January 2015).


I've used The Dark Amulet moody music for preview http://opengameart.org/content/the-dark-amulet-dark-mage-theme with CC-BY 3.0 by matthew.pablo

OD_VOICE_COMPUTER_OGG.tar.gz OD_VOICE_COMPUTER_OGG.tar.gz 4.7 Mb [302 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_COMPUTER_WAV.tar.gz OD_VOICE_COMPUTER_WAV.tar.gz 22.8 Mb [262 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_DWARF_OGG.tar.gz OD_VOICE_DWARF_OGG.tar.gz 3.3 Mb [229 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_DWARF_WAV.tar.gz OD_VOICE_DWARF_WAV.tar.gz 12.4 Mb [229 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_HERO_OGG.tar.gz OD_VOICE_HERO_OGG.tar.gz 5.1 Mb [262 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_HERO_WAV.tar.gz OD_VOICE_HERO_WAV.tar.gz 19.2 Mb [260 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_KEEPER(GROAN)_OGG.tar.gz OD_VOICE_KEEPER(GROAN)_OGG.tar.gz 6.8 Mb [230 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_KEEPER(GROAN)_WAV.tar.gz OD_VOICE_KEEPER(GROAN)_WAV.tar.gz 47.7 Mb [232 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_KEEPER(NEUTRAL)_OGG.tar.gz OD_VOICE_KEEPER(NEUTRAL)_OGG.tar.gz 5.1 Mb [210 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_KEEPER(NEUTRAL)_WAV.tar.gz OD_VOICE_KEEPER(NEUTRAL)_WAV.tar.gz 35.2 Mb [211 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_SNAKE_OGG.tar.gz OD_VOICE_SNAKE_OGG.tar.gz 11.4 Mb [220 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_SNAKE_WAV.tar.gz OD_VOICE_SNAKE_WAV.tar.gz 66.6 Mb [218 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_TOADY_OGG.tar.gz OD_VOICE_TOADY_OGG.tar.gz 3.5 Mb [198 download(s)]
OD_VOICE_TOADY_WAV.tar.gz OD_VOICE_TOADY_WAV.tar.gz 15.3 Mb [197 download(s)]