Xenoforge : An experiment in experimental FPS design

Xenoforge : An experiment in experimental FPS design

So I have completed a playable demo of my game. I have decided to call it "Xenoforge". Xenoforge is basically a Quake 2 style arcade shooter. It involves fighting aliens that were "ripped off" I mean inspired by Halo Covenant :) Right now I got the Elite and Grunt equivalents done. Xenoforge is still in development stage thus using many placeholder graphics. So please don't mind if you see something broken. This is what the game looks like now.


Still crappy graphics but in a better color scheme I hope ! I am trying to emulate a LEGO style look actually. So expect graphics to improve better in that direction rather than vain attempts at becoming photorealistic.

Anyway the game can be found in Sourceforge now. Search for Xenoforge. You can get the latest version from it's download page here https://sourceforge.net/projects/xenoforge/files/playtesting/

Please play it and tell me what you think. Your comments on what worked and what did not and/or sucked are invaluable to me. :)