2D RPG "A Journey Too Kind"

2D RPG "A Journey Too Kind"

Greetings everyone!


I've been working on a game called "A Journey Too Kind" for a while which is made with RPG Maker VX Ace. Since I'm using a fair amount of resources from OGA, I figured it would only be fair to show you how I've put them into good use. (see the first comment below for a full credits list)


The game is a 2D action game with slight RPG elements. You play has a man who finds a cave which leads deep underground, showing you strange and beautiful places as you progress. The game is, in part, inspired by Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Gameplay-wise, the game is part dungeon crawler, part citybuilder.

While being underground, you fight against monsters and solve puzzles along the way. Imagine the puzzle parts from dungeons in JRPGs, expect that they're scattered all over the game. You can find treasures along the way which are your only source of income. You can sell your treasures to merchants and gain weapons and healing items this way.

Combat is a different beast than what you're used to from many games. For starters, there is no Level-up system. You won't gain experience, and thus raise a level, by fighting monsters, but instead by reaching milestones in the game. Milestones can be: defeating a boss monster, reaching a point in the story, finishing three sidequests ect.
The goal here is to create an emphasis on survival. You're deep underground, provisions are sparse, there are monsters everywhere. I wouldn't exactly call it Dark Souls Underground, but it won't be a super easy game that's for sure.


As for the citybuilding part, you'll be able to help develop a settlement on the surface by doing sidequests. For instance, you can find an underground water deposit and free it from monsters so that the people can use it for the well.


Here is a video showing the game in action: YouTube.


Feel free to ask questions and give critique.