A material ui based OpenGameArt [web]client

A material ui based OpenGameArt [web]client


Some time ago, I started working on a responsive design based opengameart client/app as a hobby project and to explore capabilities of flutter web.

I gathered from other forum posts that OGA don't have any API and is made in Drupal. Having zero experience with drupal, I decided to make a GraphQL API for OGA, API is flexible but currently completely relies on parsing oga web pages.

It can be found at


graphiql : http://ogadartapi.herokuapp.com/graphiql


To make GraphQL API I wrote a GraphQL server library in dart since there wasnt any easy to use available,

It can be found here



API is very incomplete and doesnt support a lot of wonderfull OGA features but it's a start ig.

To implement this api, I've made a flutter web app (which itself is very incomplete, unoptimised and slow at this point), It's based on UI of gamejolt.com, and is hopefully responsive

It can be accessed at



As you can see most of things here are incomplete,.

I would like to open source everything I created here, library, api, and frontend soon.


I wanted to receive some feedback of some OGA users, I would like to continue working on all of things mentioned above if there is an  audience an if the project sounds/looks useful to OGA users/developers.

Any comment, thoughts, criticism, feedback, ideas are welcome and appreciated.



I made a WIP site http://oga.deepraven.co

graphQL server for oga http://ogadartapi.herokuapp.com/graphiql


P.S I've been a OGA users for quite some time, and love everything here, but I did not made an account and so never intereacted with community.

Thank You