Alchemy Quest - (Puzzle)

Alchemy Quest - (Puzzle)


Alchemy Quest is a puzzle game where players combine alchemic elements to create exotic combinations and score points. It is an adaption of a falling blocks game originally titled NaturalChimie created by MotionTwin. This game was replicated as a Free Software clone named OpenAlchemist by developers Guillaume Delhumeau and Antoine Morineau. Alchemy Quest utilizes the same codebase as OpenAlchemist, but it aims to expand the concept further beyond the single game mode.


The idea for this project came from an alternate NES-styled tileset, uploaded on OpenGameArt by pixel artist usr_share. OpenAlchemist has not had any development since some years ago, so this tileset was never implemented. Alchemy Quest aims to retake and improve the old OpenAlchemist codebase and merge it with this previously unused tileset, along with adding two-player mode and some more features. The goal is to quickly roll out a simple game a high quality level, that not only looks good, but is also very enjoyable to play and easy to port.


Alchemy Quest has just recently began development. We are still in the process of refactoring the original OpenAlchemist codebase.


All code for Alchemy Quest will be made available under the GPLv3. All artwork will be licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.


We are currently looking for volunteer programmers capable of working with C++ and have a taste for puzzle games.


The current team consists of:


- Dulsi - programmer

- Strato - additional pixel art

- Hythlodaeus - project coordination, PR, documentation

- Alex Gleason - additional tasks, moral support


Interested in helping? Post on this thread, drop me a private message, or join us at our Matrix channel:


You can check out our official repo at:



Concept animation by Strato