Alone on the roof: Zombie shooter

Alone on the roof: Zombie shooter

Hello guys! I will be happy to hear some reasonable critics or other considerations about mine project. Thank you)
I also shared all graphic resources from this game.

Alone on the roof. An unknown virus has infected a large part of humanity. Cities turned into zombie-infested hives. Moving down the street is impossible, only using the roofs and facades of high-rise buildings you have a chance to survive. Small research centers continue active efforts to search for a rescue vaccine against the virus. Scientists recruit volunteers from a small number of uninfected people, entrusting them with the most dangerous missions. In return, they promise a place in a special shelter. Our hero decides to go on fulfilling deadly tasks in exchange for shelter and medical assistance for his little daughter. The tasks are to clean up areas with scientific equipment from zombies and evacuate the collected scientific information. 


Before the start of the game, the hero gets the task to destroy a certain number of zombies and collect containers with samples and scientific information. To successfully complete a level, you must complete them completely. To search for containers with samples it is necessary to follow the corresponding index. Depending on the level of the player will be available to different types of weapons (pistol, pump gun or automatic rifle) and the amount of ammunition. Ammunition and first aid kit are delivered using a parachute. The player will be endlessly pursued and attacked by crowds of zombies. Jumping from one balcony to another or from roof to roof, the hero needs to reach the highest point where he will be waited by a helicopter. If all tasks are completed, the player should jump into the helicopter and evacuate to complete the next task.



✯ Intensive zombie shooting

✯ Retro style graphics and sound

✯ Exciting missions

✯ Crowds of evil zombies

✯ Wide selection of weapons