Aloysius - an HTML5 puzzle game

Aloysius - an HTML5 puzzle game

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My little labor of love is playable now; the demo's got 6 levels.

It's a non-continguous variation on the knight's tour puzzle. Your ship moves like the knight in chess, and you've got to move to some squares more than once. You can "ace" a level by performing a closed-tour, which just involves finishing a level on the square you started at.

I haven't implemented the ships' special abilities yet, so clicking on that will do... nothing! Amongst other things unattended to.

The game is designed for mobiles, (although I haven't completely optimized it yet.) So if you've got an iPhone or Android, and you want to test it, I'd really appreciate it.

Forewarning: the campaign is linear, and it's got an auto-save function (rare for an HTML5 game from what I've seen.) No gosies backsies.