Amoriax - tactical game based on Roman board games

Amoriax - tactical game based on Roman board games

Hello OGA friends!

I would like to introduce you to Amoriax, which I finally finished after a year
It is a tactical game based on ancient Roman board games. These games were built on the principle of simplicity - they usually had plain stones with some movement options, yet there was magical logic behind them. And few rules.

4 rules

● the game piece can only be moved to the last possible space in the chosen direction
● outside the marked central area, you can drag a stone into the letter L (just like a knight in chess)
● a playing piece can drag diagonally from a complete corner to the opposite corner
● the red stone is common to both players and can be drawn by anyone

The goal of the game is to dominate the center field with the crown.
Stones are not discarded, they are only moved where there is an empty space.

You can play in the browser:

I hope, you will like it. Enjoy!



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