[Android] Rhythm Square (feedback is welcome!)

[Android] Rhythm Square (feedback is welcome!)


I've made (and just published) my second HTML5 game for Android using CocoonJS to compile it.

I hope you like it and i'll be waiting your feedbacks.




Move the Rhythm Square to check-in the checkpoints. Your precision will be crucial to win points, bonuses and items.

Pass through the different zones that change the gameplay, collect and use the items to gain special bonuses and effects.



  • Rankings online: Compete with the rest of the world for the top spot.
  • 17 achievements to unlock.
  • Five different items: Speed reduction, Bonus, Rhythm boost, Rhythm freezer and massive checkpoints.
  • Four different zones: Normal, Inverted, Ice, Obstacles
  • Three levels to unlock.
  • Retro graphics.
  • Challenging gameplay.
  • Endless game.