Ant Farm

I want to give a big thank you to all the artist whom give away free art here because I honestly suck at art lol also my game would of never been possiable with out you guys. today I sent out copies of the game to a major game review website and they were pleased with the game. They have over 70,000 viewers whom will watch the vid they make about the game in there next news letter plus web site visitors.


My video I made will likely not get 70k plus viewers lol But it will give you guys a idea about the game. This is the video I sent them to review:

My video sucks for several reasons. One I used fraps and had a hard time with it keeping up. Two I had some minor animation issues I forgot to fix. Finaly I have not put in network battle system yet so kinda a downer. Everyone enjoys crushing others on multiplayer of course. However, you will have to wait lol


so the big news here is when its 100% done, I will release free copies to site members. Its my little way of thanking for helping me make a sucessful video game. I would also like to see this site grow in the future. I really like the sites concept and no Im not just brown noising lol I have zero art skills but Im a decent programmer and its hard to find good 2d art. So this sites is just amazing to me. Anyway thanks everyone and enjoy.