Arkhados: A FOSS fast paced 3D Arena game

Arkhados: A FOSS fast paced 3D Arena game

Arkhados 0.5

I'm happy to present the game that I've been working on for some time now – Arkhados. Arkhados is a 3D online multiplayer arena game where players use various spells to kill each other. Arkhados is entirely skill based; there's no auto-targeting, no random effects and no items that make your hero more powerful than others. Only your skills and Internet connection matter!

Arkhados is very fast paced. There's no tedious item grinding phase and there are no mana costs. In most cases the only limit is cooldown. This doesn't mean you could just mindlessly spam all your skills – it's very important that you use your spells at the right moment.

Arkhados is entirely free and open source (FOSS). I value free software and culture very highly. Arkhados is developed in Java, using jMonkeyEngine 3.

Arkhados 0.5 features:

  • Deathmatch mode
  • 1 arena
  • 4 distinct heroes with each having 8 unique abilities
  • Replay-support
  • Lots of high quality music
  • Free and open source

Arkhados' website:

Arkhados on GitHub:

Note: Before playing, you should look at "How to play" on Arkhados' website. It helps you understand game mechanics and each hero's abilities better.

Gameplay trailer

What's coming next?

  • Team deathmatch
  • More interesting arena with more visual details
  • New hero

(I will add hero designs somewhere later)


For ideas, please take a look at Arkhados' GitHub-repository's front page:

You may also want to look at Arkhados' issue list:

Specifically, Arkhados needs more and better (low poly) skeleton animated 3D-models. I'd be very happy to one day notice to see that there is new animated 3D-model for one of the upcoming heroes. If you are willing to make a 3D-model, please take a look at the hero design page.

(I will add hero designs to Arkhados' site later)


System requirements

Arkhados has been tested on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Arkhados requires at least OpenGL 2.0 support from GPU.

Arkhados shouldn't be very demanding. For almost one year I developed Arkhados on a machine with old dual core CPU and nVidia GPU from year 2005 and it worked fine with lower resolutions. I haven't done proper testing on low end machines for some time though.

On the other hand, it seems that low end machines with an Intel Atom processor can't handle Arkhados well enough to be playable.