Art Challenge Spring 2022 LPC

Art Challenge Spring 2022 LPC

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LPC Art Challenge Banner

The challenge and voting starts friday 4th March 2022. 

Submit your entries anytime...


ANY art (in the LPC style) that hasn't already been submitted to OGA qualifies for the challenge!


To be considered compatible with LPC assets, your art should follow this style guide:

and be dual licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 and GPLv3 if existing LPC assets are used/modified for the submission.

Otherwise any assets made from scratch can of course be released under any (OGA compatible) creative commons license.


 Please see the reply further down this thread by bluecarrot16 for some extra LPC info...

To help with your art, you will find attached, a custom LPC palette created by Eliza...


Tag your submissions with both an "lpc" and "2022" tag to be in the running...

Post a link to your upload in this thread or in the Discord Art Challenge Submission channel:

The submission with the most favourites by 5th April 2022 wins!


Prizes include a shiny new OGA medal for participants and the winner.

 Silver cup gold cup

Also, appear a cut above the rest on the Discord server by gaining the following roles:


🥇 Art Boss (for the winner)

🥈 Art Contender (for all entrants)


Art used in the banner image:



lpc_palette_test.png lpc_palette_test.png 1.9 Kb [84 download(s)]