Ascension 2 (Sci-fi) (RPG Maker)

Ascension 2 (Sci-fi) (RPG Maker)

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Ascension 2 is now complete! Click here for details.

Ascension 2 is the second main game in the Ascension series. It represents approximately a decade of advancement, moving from a text RPG to a graphical JRPG-style game. Ascension 2 is set in the same universe as the first game and features some of the same characters, but takes place around the galaxy rather than on Rynn. The plot revolves around a prototype starship which was hijacked and the desperate race to find it before the hijackers can strike.

Download links are at the bottom of the post, for the impatient.

A little backstory is in order. In 2012, I created Ascension, a simple text RPG, as a school project. I've kept adding to it and it was quietly publicly released in 2013, updated in 2014 and ported to Android a few weeks ago. It's not that special, but some of you might find the plot interesting. Even before I finished the first release I knew I wanted to make a sequel. Most of this can be found at my website.

After the side-project of Ascension: Adventure (a Heroine Dusk derivative) and the disaster of Ascension: Revolution, I started working on a proper sequel a few months ago. By this point, I had my plans firmly in place. Ascension 2 would represent approximately ten years of technological progress over Ascension, and it would be done (sort of) in the style of the era. It's not exact, but I decided to make it an early 90s JRPG style of game.

I chose RPG Maker because it's easy to use and I can create quickly with it, not because I like it. In fact, I'm totally against its proprietary nature, non-portability, and closed ecosystem. Unfortunately, there are practical considerations I must consider, and given my level of programming knowledge it's probably the difference between releasing in 2015 and releasing in 2017.

Right now, I'm using a mix of RPG Maker assets, free assets from this site and others, and (very little) original art. I'm planning to move away from the former and toward the latter before the full game is released. I do have some specific plans that will be revealed shortly.

A partial list of assets used or planning on being used can be found in my collection, The Art of Ascension 2. A complete list of assets used in the preview can be found in the CREDITS file included in the package.

Download the preview here:

I haven't made a proper trailer yet, but there's some gamplay footage here: