Assests Removed (All Accept for One)

Assests Removed (All Accept for One)

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Hi There!!


I recently joined your fine establishment (this morning) with the intent to upload some art I thought appropriate. I had some content to upload and did so. However, All the images I uploaded dissapeared except for one resource.


My apologies if I am being too impatient or so. I was never a member of this site, however enjoyed coming here from time to time to enjoy looking at the pixel art others create. So as a member I am not sure how these things work. I pretty much enjoy working in vector and discovered that vector resources are also being uploaded. I decided to upload mine too.


I managed to re-upload the others as with the images in the post.


Kindly assist with feedback regarding the other resources so that I am able to understand what and what not to upload. If there is a problem with art, maybe I can rectify that.


Kind Regards.



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