Bits & Bots (puzzle game)

Bits & Bots (puzzle game)

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I'm in the early stages of developing a game engine in C++ and Lua; the first game I've come up with is a retro-flavored puzzle game called Bits & Bots.

The object is to get all four bots to their respective goals in the least time/number of moves possible; the tricky part is figuring out how to use the buttons to accomplish this!  (Hint: at least two yellow buttons must be active for anything to happen)

Click on the yellow buttons to turn them on or off, and then click Exec to send your instruction to the Bots.

Bits & Bots Title

Bits & Bots Gameplay

Bits & Bots Win

The game is still very much a work in progress, and any feedback is welcome (especially dealing with bugs or gameplay ideas).  I'll be uploading the source images soon, and the font I've used is already hosted here (Bitmap Font, by Clint Bellanger).



Linux (64-bit)