Blender GameStarter

Blender GameStarter

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Do you use Blender to make your games? While here is something that will make your licensing and porting life easier.


When you save the game as a runtime it will automatically put it under GNU GPL 2, the same license as BlenderPlayer, which the .blend must be combined with, is under. This makes sense. But what if you don't want your game under the GPL. Take this .blend and it's game actuator to make it start your game. Then export the starter with the save game as runtime tool. The starter will be under the GPL but your work won't!


Soon I'll get a port of this for Windows and Mac OSX to make your life even easier. But for now here is the GameStarter .blend. It is under GNU GPL.


For those who don't know my name is Hero even though it's Downdate here. That is the name this is licensed under.



Hero AKA Downdate

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