Cats Of 2048

Cat 2048 was launched by Simple BUFF in Google Play Store ! ( It's myself ! )


2048 was made by everyone who say I am game developer, but also I am.


However, Cat 2048 has [ Double mode ] that making 2 numbers one time. So you can enjoy really fast speed.


This is characteristic of my game which distinguished from other 2048.


Enjoy new speedy 2048.


Google Play Store Link :


I'm Simple BUFF.

thanks for all of others.

Screenshot_2019-03-29-19-32-50.png Screenshot_2019-03-29-19-32-50.png 341.5 Kb [1 download(s)]
Screenshot_2019-03-29-19-33-40.png Screenshot_2019-03-29-19-33-40.png 448.6 Kb [0 download(s)]