Chimney Luck - retro style platformer

Chimney Luck - retro style platformer

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Hello community,

I want to introduce a project, a platformer in nice retro style.
The game itself has except dexterity elements, some combinations that are executed with two different characters, which can alternately explore the worlds.
Each character has their own skills, and playing the levels in a different season. As a result, always different level structures arise.
So both characters with their abilities, can enter their own specific areas.
In addition, level areas can be changed permanently, so that when re-play the level, opening up new areas for the second character.
Through this combination, you can explore all hidden areas.
However, this is not mandatory. Who wants to simply run the levels to have fun, can do this with the character of his choice, without having to change the figure.
The secret areas are for those who have fun  to explore everything, and to unlock the Extras.

It will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux.
A convert for mobile platforms with customized levels is also possible.

Video for the game that provides a brief overview.


Until completion of the game, is still a lot of work,
Therefore, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to support it.
It would be great if you support it or help to spread a word about the game if you like it. Every little bit helps!

as well as a Facebook and Twitterpage

Some screenshots of the game.

Official Website: