Conquest of Durgan Kal

Conquest of Durgan Kal

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Greets!  Conquest of Durgan Kal is a project I've been working on for a few years now; it's an RPG platformer with some procedurally-generated content.  So far I've used some art from here courtesy of artists Buch and usr_share, and audio assets courtesy of Spring, FoxSynergy, and Oddroom.  The engine is licensed under MIT and the game data is licensed under CC-By-SA-4.0.

Recently-added features include a functioning save system and partial skill trees for the Mage and Warrior classes. Upcoming features on the roadmap, in no particular order:

  • More skills and spells
  • Class selection and dungeon options
  • More diverse NPCs (better AI, spells, etc.)
  • Defensive equipment
  • Potions
  • More enemy types
  • Probably other stuff

Download it here!

Some instructions here!


screen0.png screen0.png 12.4 Kb [3 download(s)]
screen1.png screen1.png 13.2 Kb [1 download(s)]
screen2.png screen2.png 9.9 Kb [1 download(s)]
screen3.png screen3.png 9.8 Kb [2 download(s)]
screen4.png screen4.png 11.4 Kb [1 download(s)]