Crosstown Smash - Pixelart brawler on iOS and Android

Crosstown Smash - Pixelart brawler on iOS and Android

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Hey folks, I wanted to announce that we have released our new game Crosstown Smash to the iOS, Google Play and Amazon app stores. This game took about a year to complete, and we’re really happy with what we accomplished.

Crosstown Smash is a pixelart brawler with a soundtrack by the incredible Factor6. It’s got 4 playable characters, 24 special attacks, 8 locales and 40 stages. We took time to make this game as fun as possible. There are lots of items to collect (to get the full 100% completion).

I drew inspiration and confidence from the opengameart community, and because I want to give back, I have donated the entirety of the pixelart assets for use by the community. You might take a look at the art and think that I'm not doing you any favors. However, I worked really hard on them and if you think you can improve on them, go ahead. This link is here.

From now until 3/15, the game is going to be completely FREE! The trailer is linked below for you guys to check out. We’d love to know what you think.

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