Dawn of the Era

Dawn of the Era

Hello folks!

I have spent past years developing a turn based strategy game project,
the game  is inspired  at software  like Xcom  but it  is ported  in a
fantasy scenario (so i could use magic ;-)).

After so  much work the game  is now feature complete  but still lacks
some arts to be actually completed (except for bugs that will popup in
the future of course!).

The game  is in 3d  (uses opengl for  rendering, and a  custom engine)
and, while  many of the  contents are procedurally generated  it still
misses the characters models.

At the bare  minimum three models are needed: a  warrior an wizard and
an healer. More would be fantastic but not a priority at this time.

The game load  model in MD2 file  format, i am using  a model borrowed
from the excellent "UFO: alien invasion" that you can find here:


I hope i could find someone that halp me with this task.

The game is released under GPLv3 or later and the sources can be found


it works only on linux, though.

To put the  things clear i can not  afford to pay for that  work, i am
confident in people's spirit of cooperation.

Feel free to ask for more, if interested.

Thank you.