DeltaVenge WIP

DeltaVenge WIP

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A strategy horror game based off of battleship. Many of the ambient tracks used are from opengameart. All assets from will be put in this collection: (These tracks play at random during the game, which adds to  atmosphere)


An explaination for the title is: Delta (what the game calls the ships), and scavenge (which is shortened to -venge)


I don't have a big story planned but the lore goes as follows: 

Society has begun to crumble and fall for some untold reason. Many people choose to stay on land, but some venture out into the sea with others. These are microstates technically, but function more like pirates. Resources have begun to be scarce, so many of these fleets begin attacking other foreign fleets in hopes for scavenging valueable resources.

You are the commander of your fleet. You are in a submersible below the surface, away from any real danger knowing that if everything goes wrong, you will be the only survivor, whether that's good or bad. You have to constantly maintain fuel levels of your deltas, sending out cargo ships to assist them. The monitor on the right is for controlling ships during a momentary peace (when there's no fighting), and for sending attacks during actual combat. The left monitor will be for checking the status of a delta when selected, or the number of unharmed, hit, and lost deltas when no delta is selected. A cool gimmick I have planned is that you can move deltas around during momentary peaces, just the caveat is that deltas have a limited range (exceept cargo ships), and move slower when damaged. Also speaking of damage, a standard torpedo has a slight chance to only do some damage to a segment of a delta, allowing for that segment to be repaired. If a torpedo does fail, it still shows that it hit something, instead of a miss. If you want to have a guarranteed 100 damag to a segment you'll have to use heavy ammo, which is limited and can be shot by battleship deltas (1x3 ships) (x2).

So far all the delta types are: 1x1 Delta (Cargo) x3, 1x2 Delta (Standard, it doesn't do anything) x3, 1x3 Delta (Battleship, can fire heavy ammunition) x2, 1x4 Delta (I don't have a purpose so far, I don't have any ideas) x1

Multiplayer: I'm probably never going to do multiplayer, because it's hard. But if the game releases and has a relatively high following, I'll consider.

I'm sorry if this post is a bit rambling, I'm half-asleep after finishing a small build of the game.

(Images are the Control room (the place you'll spend the game in), and the posters that are hung up in the room and add to some lore)

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