Demonizer - succubus fantasy vertical shooter

Demonizer - succubus fantasy vertical shooter

The outcast princess turned succubus must stop the cruel Kingdom from slaughtering friendly monstergirls in this 90s-arcade-style vertical shooting and man-catching challenge.

  • Blow up war machines and break soldiers' will with hot demonic seduction blasts
  • Collect men to nourish you with spiritual energy; transform women to grow your succubus fleet
  • Charge up a massive spiritual/demonic explosion to flush soldiers out of hiding

 Goals and wishes:

  • Eight-level journey from the wild lands to the throne room and beyond
  • Hone succubus skills with extra mini-challenges
  • Get a closer look at new boytoys and girlfriends in the gallery
  • For Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS

Status: early alpha

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