Don't Forget the Bard!

Don't Forget the Bard!

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Don't Forget the Bard! won Daily 3rd on Newgrounds on November 20, 2016 and was Frontpaged on November 21, 2016.

This game contains explicit text and sexual situations and is intended for ages 17+.

A former bard of the king loses his position at the castle and is forced to seek other employment. Along the way, he stumbles across enemies, treasure, a few friends, and even a chance at love or -- well, you know.

How to Play:

If your adventure is cut short, you didn't have the right skills for your intended path. Sometimes you will need a combination of two skills to complete the path. For example, you may need strong bard powers and charisma in order to complete one path, but these skills could be useless for another.


Combat Power - basic physical combat and fencing skills
Bard Powers - mysterious powers of song and intuition
Composure - allows you to remain composed under intense circumstances
Charisma - make friends and influence people
Lore - knowledge about the realm could save your life

Link to the game on Newgrounds.

Thanks to everyone who released open source art and or made Don't Forget the Bard! Possible.

Music credit to kannnaduki:

Cover art credit to Michael Perez (

Food Icon credit to @dbhvk Daniel Belohlavek (

RPG Icon credit to Ravenmore (

UI / Background credit to Ravenmore (

Ring icon credit to Heather Lee Harvey / (

Clothes credit to Clint Bellanger, Blarumyrran, crowline (CrowLineStudio), and Justin Nichol (

Key icon credit to: Some Item Icons by Kem @ (

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