Epic of Eduardo

Epic of Eduardo

I just finished my first long term game project. Epic of Eduardo.

It's an Action Platformer similar to Super Mario World with some influence from MegaMan and Donkey Kong Country. The goal is to defeat the Rose Witch to restore the Forest Queen to her rightful place. The difficulty leans more on the challenging side.

I used music resources from Snabisch and tile resources from TearOfTheStar here on OpenGameArt.

I also used music from Choto the Bright, he's got his stuff published on SoundCloud.


I have it published on kongregate and on my GitHub page. Though there is a lot of things I would do better with source code now that I know more about javascript from when I started, the source code (which can be viewed on GitHub) may still be helpful to anyone else who is starting work on an html5 game.



Also, if people are interested, I can upload the sprites I made for this game to OGA for other people to use.

Any feedback that would help me improve on future projects would be greately appreciated.