Feature Request/Fix: Use Permanent Link with "Share" Buttons

Feature Request/Fix: Use Permanent Link with "Share" Buttons

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I think it would be a better idea to use the permanent node/ID link with the social media "Share" buttons, instead of content/label.

E.g.: https://opengameart.org/node/20673 instead of https://opengameart.org/content/jumping-blob

The reason being, if the author changes the name on the submission, the links shared on the social media pages will no longer work. Or theoretically, in some cases, lead to a completely different submission that now uses the same name.

That is, unless new submissions always generate a unique content/label URL & previously used ones cannot be used again. In which case the current system is fine as long as the old content/label URL points to the renamed submission.

Edit: This should also apply to forum posts & any other pages utilizing the "Share" buttons.

Edit: Just tested renaming one of my submissions.

I renamed the following from "Torch" to "Animated Torch", & both the new & old links point to the submission:

Does this mean that the old link will permanently lead to that submission? Or is is possible that it will eventually expire & a new submission could occupy it?