Feedback on Team Deathmatch (Chi Land)

Feedback on Team Deathmatch (Chi Land)

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Hi guys, for more than a year, I'm working on a pixel art styled Team Deathmatch.

Now I got two servers and game runs quite fine but I'm wondering about in what direction should it go next.

So I think I'll ask you guys what you think is cool and what would You change.

The link is

Current version: 4.0.2, Last update: 6 February 2016

Run around and SMASH BLAM! Have fun with friends. Cross browser cross platform... There are two conflicting teams. They both have access to special powers, but need life energy Chi to power them. The other team is attacking your team! Protect your team with the power of Hado (unlimited energy blast), Speed (multiply your speed), Thor (fire thunder anywhere near you). The game works on Android browser or normal Computer browser. You are never alone. There are a few bots online trying to blast what's near them. It's free to play. It's multiplayer. It's still constantly being upgraded.

More info about game can be found on Slide DB

or to a lesser extent here

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