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Firefighter VR+Touch

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Firefighter VR+Touch is a virtual reality firefighting simulation that's not all that realistic, putting you in the boots of a firefighter with fire powers. It's a parody of legitimate simulator games with a twisted storyline and satirical world. After the events of Firefighter Simulator 2017, the Firefighter has moved on to a new city and a new fire department, hoping to be free from their past. But breaking free isn't so easy, and the new city is a mess of crime and corruption with an arsonist on the loose and a police force that doesn't care.

Who will you save, who will you burn, and who will you leave to their fate?

Firefighter VR+Touch features real-ish firefighting mechanics, a story of heroism and insanity, scathing satire mixed with cheap lowbrow comedy, moral choices that actually affect the ending, and NPCs that can be set on fire. It's a VR game for the Cardboard and Daydream platforms and also has a non-VR mode. A PC version will come out later.

Some of the props and most of the textures are from this site. I did create a few new things for this game- mostly posters- which I plan to release here very shortly. I have a few updates for the game planned already, including Gear VR support for the Android version and a PC version with SteamVR support.