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Hello everyone,

Just a new topic to present Flukz, an open source shoot'em up... which is already much more than a shoot'em up. It is a complete platform, like a wiki, allowing anyone to add and edit levels online, in a graphic way. You can configure everything in a level : position of the sprites, speed, pictures, sounds.

Web site : http://flukz.org

When you have finished to edit and test a level, just click on save, and all other users can access immediately to your creation !

I guess such features will interest many of you on this site. Maybe we could even organize a weekly challenge of the best level creations :-)

A lot of sprites from opengameart have already been imported, in particular from:

The credits for each file are found in Flukz on the meta page. The meta page can be accessed for example from the page "list of sprites" (warning : this page is slow to load the first time you access to it).

The software is quite new (version 0.1 two months ago, and version 0.2 this week), so there is still a lot of work on the road. For example, a score is not implemented yet. But it already works, and interesting levels can already be created. Any help to import more art and create more levels is of course welcome.

Maybe you will find some features of Flukz difficult to use or understand. Just tell us, we can improve :-)

In the future, we also plan to implement other kind of games in the same level-editable way. Shoot'em up is just the first step.

Some screenshots (playing mode, editing mode) :

screenshot_flukz_1.jpg screenshot_flukz_1.jpg 19.2 Kb [5 download(s)]
screenshot_flukz_2.jpg screenshot_flukz_2.jpg 51.5 Kb [4 download(s)]