Free Cookies (and a sales pitch) ;)

Free Cookies (and a sales pitch) ;)


I'd like to point members of this community to a similar site. ADL is a Department of Defense research lab with a mandate to increase the reuse of government owned assets, with the goal of reducing cost and increasing ROI for training activities. I run a small project we call "The ADL 3D Repository" that focuses on archiving and sharing 3D content.

Our site does a few interesting technical thing, including real time WebGL previews of 3D models, format conversions, and we expose an API for applications to connect to the database and consume models.

I encourage anyone interested in promoting themselves as providers of 3D assets for training to create a profile and upload a few pieces of content. You can even upload content but specify that no one can download it, and provide a link where users can contact you to arrange payment. We have several hundred research labs, contractors and academic organizations that will see your work and contact info.

I'd also like general feedback.

As a sort of free cookie to drive traffic, I'm offering a library of furniture I authored several years ago free on the site. Use the link below to find it.