Galactagirl - a high-speed retro action-platformer!

Galactagirl - a high-speed retro action-platformer!

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Join Galactagirl on a cosmic adventure to vanquish the evil Robot Racers and their mechanical minions! In this adrenaline-pumping action-platformer inspired by retro classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden you must aid Galactagirl in her quest to be the fastest in the galaxy and stop the invasion of the Galactic Homeworlds by the Robot Racers. 

Galactagirl has an advanced moveset including wall jumps, target lock-ons, rail grinding, sliding and more, which allows for a variety of ways to traverse the environment and its many challenges. Move fast, react quickly, and chain your moves together to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and beat the levels in the quickest time!


- High speed platforming with a variety of movement abilities!

- Dastardly robotic enemies and bosses to defeat!

- Tons of explosions and particles and... explosions!

- Gorgeous retro-styled art and graphics!

- Options including windowed mode, volume control and a retro CRT shader!


I'm hoping this demo will provide a good overall blueprint for early players of Galactagirl's moveset and controls, the structure of the game and player progress, and a variety of mechanics and their implementation. No specific release date as of yet but stay tuned at any of the above links for updates on the game's progress.


OGA asset contributors:

  • FiveAsOne
  • surt
  • SubspaceAudio





Gameplay videos:

- Stage 1 -

- Stage 2 -

- Stage 3 -

- Stage 4 -


I hope you enjoy the demo. Please feel free to follow along with the development of Galactagirl at any of the aforementioned links, and hit me up with any feedback or questions you may have about the game. Thanks for your time!


***UPDATE 29/07/17: Added alpha demo plans and new gifs!

***UPDATE 12/08/17: updated with new screenshots/logo/info!

***UPDATE 18/08/17: new gif + gameplay videos!

***UPDATE 30/08/17: alpha demo + trailer released!!!