Goblin mesh & texture revamp rendered in custom graphics engine

Goblin mesh & texture revamp rendered in custom graphics engine

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I've been modifying a Goblin 3D mesh from OpenGameArt for use in my project.

Eventually the goblin will be a primary element of my final product for the moment though
it's being used for testing art production, materials, lighting and workflow in my project. 

Here is a look at work in progress as seen in my graphics engine along with a few other random material and texture tests. My graphics engine is made for speed using a hybrid material and lighting system with some elements of Physically Based Rendering. Modifications were mostly changing UV islands and new textures for my rendering system.
Smoothing the mesh and shaving the nose be less pointy seemed to enhance the eerie humanoid look as well. Hopefuly my modifications and graphics engine do the original justice so I'd like to give thanks to the original creator.

The original goblin mesh is a CCO asset donated by cdmir.



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