Grimm's Battlefield - Tower Defense-like Game

Grimm's Battlefield - Tower Defense-like Game


 I've created a Tower Defense-like Game using art from here. The community here has created many very nice assets and I am grateful for the sharing of assets here.

 The game uses people (LPC style sprites) instead of Towers to make up your defense against the creeps. Creeps are LPC style enemies. There are 5 units to place and 4 types of creeps. The game has 3 maps made with tilesets from here too. The Game features a 25 level survival mode and an unlimited survival mode.

 You can play the game at


I would appreciate any feedback you might have. =]

Thanks again to all the wonderful people who have contributed to this site. I may contribute some of my own art here soon. Its not great quality but maybe it'll be useful for someone else too.


Trevor Kaufman