Here's a Game I'm working on

Here's a Game I'm working on

Umm this is the first time I ever done anything like this, try to create a big outdoors rpg.   But here's the game I been working on in the last 2 months.


I'm hoping to find a game engine so I can turn this from a screen to screen game into

a game where I can walk all around the terrains but I don't know what game engine will allow

me to stitch togetherall my custom graphic screens into a walkable terrain map.


I've looked at Torque 3d and a few others but they only allow me to create custom maps inside the engine instead of

importing my custom screens in the engine.


There are over 500 graphic screens to stich up.  Its a game that will have 12 or so

regions, only made 4 at the moment, it will have 7 overdrives (have 1 installed at the moment),

and this is actually a windows console game, the game engine is a batch file, but I want to

put the game on a 3d engine. similar to flare, or an editor that will allow me to stitch up my



There are issues at the moment with the screen layout so if anyone wants to help me

to improve the layout to make the game look better, are welcome to message me, note

this is not a commercial game, its just a home made project.


I also uploaded a music tune that I made, I would like people to tell me if

this type of music I did suits the game I'm working on.


The game originally started off from a Simple text Graphics game (See Nuclear Waste Boss picture)

and then evolved to using bitmap graphics.


So does Anyone want to redraw my Nuclear Waste ansi boss in Bitmap Graphics? 

or turn him into a 3d model.





nwaste.jpg nwaste.jpg 49.6 Kb [1 download(s)]
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