Heroes Of Hawks Haven

Heroes Of Hawks Haven

I have been making RPG called Heroes of Hawks Haven slightly over two years now. Game is going to be classical or old fashioned RPG in gaming style. There is not going to be arrow or blinking lights showing what to do next, no automap. Also places where you can enter in game are not restricted by level or character skill. So it is possible to enter too weak into very dangerous dungeon. Game has party up to 4 characters. Main character is created in the beginning of the game. Other 3 characters can be join to party if wanted. Game only ends if main character dies. There are 6 characters whom can join the party.

I have tried to make quests more interesting and variations than plain killing monsters. Many quests have optional solving possibilities or even different endings. In the very beginning of the game quests are quite simple and straightforwad since I was not learn how to use my own scripting language. Game also has special role playing system. There are three different roles which can chosen in game talks: Paladin of Good, Mercenary and Brutal Bully. So if character stays in same role over the whole game more role playing experience is gained. Some of the quest cannot be do if playing strictly according the roles, but that's role playing.

Other cool feature is that each of the character whom can join the party has their own solo quests. Currently I have done two out of six solo quests. Third one is started but not finished yet. Solo quests are small quest where character adventures as solo, which of course is much more difficult than adventuring in party. Specially if character is wizard whom is used to combat.

Characters does not have classes, game is based on skills: Unarmed, Melee, Ranged weapons, Dodging, Wizardy, Sorcery, Qi-Magic, Bartering, Diplomacy and Lock Picking. Then there are also perks which makes each character unique. There are currently 70 different perks. On first level two perks are gained after that every even level one perk is gained. Game has level limit on 20 levels.

Materials I have used from OpenGameArt.Org:







And including all my own stuff which are here in OGA too.


Interested to try out go to:


Game is written with Java so OpenJDK or Oracle's Java is required. I haven't tried it out with Oracle's Java but should work fine. Java 6 works but at least on my computers Java 7 seems to perform better.

Game is freeware since it uses First Seed Material which only allows distributing their material for playing the game, so no source code available.

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