Hypericum Free HTML5 RTS Browsergame (Non Commercial)

Hypericum Free HTML5 RTS Browsergame (Non Commercial)

Everyone is doing HTML5 Games but they are still hard to find if one wanna play without registration and everything. Full Free means no email data also to me. I wonder if someone knows a hub for really free games ?

Hypericum is an late alpha state RTS games where one have the typical wood, gold stone and iron thing combined with RPG items , endless Undead and Zombie Attacks. Quests are otw and the last 4. epoche needs only 2 more buildings (ike a teleporter).

The goal is to conquer the Dwarfen Villages and then defat the evil Lord Diavolo in an endless world without borders.

Stats: Isometric , 16 Buildings, 30 units, 60 monsters.

Graphix: Mostly GOA Flare with Units by R. Prokein.

Please habe a look at: http://www.timmfreitag.de/Hypericum.htm and comment !

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