Hypnagonia: Therapy through Nightmares

Hypnagonia: Therapy through Nightmares

Hello everyone, I wanted to draw your attention to the free/libre game I've been developing for almost a year now

Hypnagonia Logo

it's been a while since I posted here asking for help and since then work has proceeded apace.  Other than a name and logo, I've also completed the main playthrough, added 200 cards and dozens of enemies and artifacts and did a ton of work on the GUI. Game is still not looking like much, but it's getting better!

In case you don't want to follow the link: The game is a roguelite deckbuilder inspired (and heavily borrowing from) Slay the Spire. It has a surrealistic/psychological theme instead of fantasy though as well as some improvements on the formula of my own.

I've opened an itch.io page where you can download and play it, as a well as a Steam one where you can wishlist it.

And of course you can directly download the source and assets from github.

The game is in heavy development and we already have half a dozen active contributors. We still need a lot of work, particularly in the UX, Art and Writing departments, but honestly we can use any talent you could provide.


If this sounds interesting, join us in discord or matrix ,or just let me know what you think in this thread.