Indie Art Contest - HordeBoss

Indie Art Contest - HordeBoss

Hello Everyone! We are a small indie studio dedicated to bring HordeBoss project to life, and for fun of it we are hosting a small art competition relative to the project for indies.

The goal of the competition is to change one of the three main characters, and make them look more epic (better gear etc).


1) 25 dollars, 25 dollars in game items value, key to closed beta testing for the game
2) 10 dollars, 10 dollars in game items value, key to closed beta testing
3) 5 dollars, key to closed beta testing

"Imagine that currently characters has items of grade ("common"), your task is try and make them look epic."

1. You can not change character forms and outline.
2. Upgrades can only be done through changing characters layers (adding scars, tattoos). 
3. Main upgrade that we are seeking from people who will participate is change in gear - armor, assets, weapon, etc.

More rules.
1. You have to be a member of our facebook group -
2. You have to share this post
3. You have to submit your work before April 1

We will announce winners about a week after we collect all works.

All works that we like, may be used inside the game! All authors of those works will be listed in game credit section.

Works that we like will be promoted in various social networks, which may lead to further interest in you as an artist and open more possibilities.

Winners will be picked on live stream on twitch. There will be stream recording. All presents for winners will be transferred through PayPal.

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