Is this another dumb space game? (ITAD S.G. early alpha)

Is this another dumb space game? (ITAD S.G. early alpha)

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I've been working on this game for a while. It's called "ITAD S.G.", which is an acronym that stands for "Is This Another Dumb Space Game?"

Here is a screenshot:

It's incredibly basic right now (just a generic scrolling shooter), but I'd like to show off what I've got so far and get some feedback on how it looks/feels/sounds.

You can download the current alpha version (0.0.1) here:


For the Windows build, just extract and run itad_sg.exe. For the source you need to first install Python ( version 2.6 or 2.7 and Pygame ( version 1.8 or later, then extract and run Most GNU/Linux distros already have Python installed by default, and Pygame is usually available as a package.

The controls are arrows to navigate menus and move player 1, WASD to move player 2, Enter to select, Esc to cancel and bring up the menu, and F10 to quit. Shooting is automatic.

Particular things I want to see comments on are:

  • The sounds
  • How well everything blends together (anything out of place?)
  • The size of the one (non-asteroid) enemy that's currently there (is it too small?)

I'd also like to hear about other things, but just so this topic isn't flooded with useless comments, here's what I don't want to hear about at this time:

  • How bad the yellow box powerup looks. It won't look like that in the finished version. It's an auto-generated placeholder.
  • How bad the shield looks. It looks terrible because I drew it (and "drew" is kind of stretching it; I just used an ellipse tool in Paint.NET).
  • How lame the only enemy currently is. My intention is to make it a little more interesting later (probably just by making it turn around and retreat a la Galaga). I also intend to add some more enemies (though what exactly they'll do is undecided; I'm open to sane suggestions).
  • How boring it is. I intend to fix this later by having a variety of enemies and high difficulty.

So, please tell me what you think. :)