jslash - a HTML5 micro game engine

jslash - a HTML5 micro game engine

Hi people,

I want to present you a project I have been doing since August. I am using a lot of your open art in it, so I think you have to know and see the project. That's a game engine I started just for fun, but I'm trying to extend it to be a competent but simple game engine.

There are not a lot of screenshoots of it, but I can show you some demos hosted on fluxflex, where you can see some features it provides. I'll be glad if anyone likes to give a hand and do same demos for the project. I am using demos in order to determine lacks of features, trying to provide a created object to some redundant operations, such as map boundaries, collisions, loading Tiled Map Editor maps, ...

The project is hosted on github, following the next link: https://github.com/jorgonor/jslash

Finally, I want to be grateful with Bart, Mr. Beast and Antifarea, I've been used your art in the project and I think it gives me strength to follow up with the project. I'm so grateful with your hard job, thanks!

Demos links:







PD: IE, Opera and Safari are not currently supported. On Firefox and Google Chrome it should work perfectly :D