Laurelia's Polymorphable Citizen

Laurelia's Polymorphable Citizen

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Did you see what I did there? Our game's initials are LPC!

Laurelia's Polymorphable Citizen (or just Polymorphable for short) is an action-rpg based on the Flare engine. We're aiming a little more towards the "Zelda" feel, only with more RPG aspects (ie. attribute choices on level up!)

The core mechanic in Polymorphable is using different talismans to polymorph into different forms so you can reach different areas. Imagine being blocked by a pit, so you transform into a bat to fly across. Or perhaps there's a wall of fire in front of you, so you turn into ghost form to phase right through.

We currently have a thread going here: which is a discussion on what we're aiming for, but I suppose that would bore most of you, so I'm creating this new thread to simply show off screenshots! (And get feedback, if you'd be so kind.)

Our repo is located here:

And finally, what you really wanted to see... :)


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