Lineart - Platformer prototype

Lineart - Platformer prototype

Welp, there I go again.


Be greeted. I thought I may just share a little project of mine on this site.

As you may have guessed, it's a small platformer that originally started when I asked myself "how do I create the illusion of 3D", later "how would moving via a velocity system work", "is object oriented programming good for anything", and finally, "how do I fix bugs", which then led this project to where it is now.

Currently, it only works on Windows. Sorry, Wine-ists. :c



Slightly older version in action; Sorry for 30 FPS.


It's still far from finished, mainly due to me being lazy as hell, but it'll be coming along soon*.

Until then, you guys can try out the current, unfinished version.


I'll usually update thrice a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.




Feedback is appreciated. :D

Regards, Jan125