Looking for a CC0 Doom-like door texture

Looking for a CC0 Doom-like door texture

Hi. I'm working on an open source projects to train robots to do tasks in simulation using reinforcement learning. The project is called MiniWorld. I would like to create some doom-like levels where the agents have to open sliding doors (as in Doom) to get to a goal.

 To this end, I'm looking for one or more Doom-like door texture. Something with an aspect ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 (ie: 512x512 or 512x1024). Ideally the texture should be CC0 (public domain), so that students/researchers can copy/fork/redistribute this project without having to worry about tons of licenses for all the individual assets used.

 Your help would be much appreciated. Have a nice day! :)

 PS: I love this website. What you're doing is awesome for all game creators out there.

- Maxime