Looking for Team-Members ;-)

Looking for Team-Members ;-)

Hey guys!

We are currently looking for members interested in a long-term collaboration for our redesign of the worlds first 3D-MUD names Meridian59.

All the original graphics consist of 256-color bitmaps (DooM-era) in a very low  resolution, which is far from the level of quality required for a proper result in the Ogre3D-Engine. Hence  we’re specifically looking for people who are capable of creating a new high resolution texture from scratch,  based on the old design.

Here is an example to give you a better idea of what this is about:

Since all the models of the original game consist of two-dimensional images in a bitmap-containerformat, such as plants, trees, NPC’s or generally all of the sprites in the game, we will need  one or preferrably multiple people working on modeling all of this, based on the original design.

To give you a better idea of what you’ll have to base your work on, here’s the  original imagery of a troll, directly exported from the game files:

The current levels of the original game will be entirely exported, reused and  furnished with new, high resolutiontextures. In a second step these maps could certainly be fancied up further. The  graphics engine being used for this is the Ogre3D-Engine.

Wether you’re a hobby artist or a professional, the only real requirement we have  is a passion for for beeng a part of a great team, a keen eye for aesthetics and some intuition, because this is mostly about recognition value and trying to transport the overall feeling of the original. If you have experience with the relevant software that’s obviously a plus – but we’ll gladly take any new team member that is willing and able to  work with us in a reliable fashion.

Should you be interested in helping to recreate a piece of internet history  (Meridian 59 was the first 3D-MUD and predecessor of all modern 3D-MMORPGS) we’d be glad to hear from you via E-Mail: mark@meridian59-project.com.

The website (www.meridian59-project.com) is still under construction cause we decided to spend more time on the new client. You can also find a short movie on youtube.