Hey all Im making a quick and tiny town building simulator game where you start in a dense forrest and build a town.

Maps are randomly generated

villagers have different moods and get quite upset if not fed and housed.  Once upset they start rioting and demanding the death of the "mayor". plans to set fire to things later, morale boosters also not implemented yet, except for eating fish.  No job queue yet so can only do one job at a time for now.

Currently uses 2 oga submissions that are not mine,

(Green Villiage -

(glitch icons -

Start by gathering food, digging holes for stone, and cutting wood.  Once you have cleared an area you can start building homes and roads.  Works great on netbooks.

if you have love installed you should just be able to type "love"  or drag/drop onto love exec.


Edit: Im making this for my wife because she cant find any good free "village building" games except for microtransaction riddled facebook games.



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