[LPC] Goes Lego with Herodom character

[LPC] Goes Lego with Herodom character

Hi there!

For the last years I have worked on Herodom, a mobile game for iOS heavily using the LPC art.
Over the years I found myself loving those LPC characters more and more, and recently I decided to make my main character, in Lego!

As the LPC art is 64x64, but the character never fully occupies the square, one can translate pixel to stud quite nicely.
I attach the result, where you can see the logo of Herodom, and the Lego version of it.

What do you say? I think it incredibly awesome!

btw this is the character in the generator it self:


herodom-lego.png herodom-lego.png 2.5 Mb [2 download(s)]