LPC Non-Entry: Longsword

LPC Non-Entry: Longsword

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Hello folks,

I'm one of those people who started a game project for submission into LPC and didnt manage to finish on time. I nearly made it, but there was a serious glitch in rendering and AI which I couldn't fix on time so I did not submit. I have only myself to blame. I waited till 5 days before the deadline before I even started.

Nevertheless, I figured that LPC's primary objective was to kickstart FOSS game development and foster collaboration between artists releasing their content for free and developers who could assimilate these assets into a game. So, while I didn't make the LPC, I figured another such game can't hurt and I am adding my game here for you guys to play and comment on.

Longsword is a simple side scrolling game, where you have a long blade which you use to kill oncoming aliens without hurting the humans.

Ofcourse, its rough around the edges and there are quite a few serious bugs to fix. I'll keep working on the game trying to make it more fun. Installation is from source only as of now, and instructions are provided in the README. Considering it is written in Python, its fairly easy to get it up and running on Linux. I'll provide binary packages for OSX and Windows as soon as possible.

Looking forward to reading your feedback.