Map Brush CC0

Map Brush CC0

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Drawin every single mountain on a map maybe relaxing, but it's a bit slow to do, so I have decided de creat a bunch of ressource for making map. And since i'm  doing it I was thinking, better sharing them without restriction, but I was curious if some people will be interested by having them directling in brush format more than simply a .png ?
If some people people need some specific map asset, I can also do them and add them in the pack (anyway I'm already doing a bunch of them makking more will not be difficult).

What's have be done : crystals, trees, moutain, colines, canyons, a mushroom and cities (but I can done other style of them, I'm adding an screen for showing an exemple)

What's need to be done : The thing in wich we write the name of city and other place (sorry don't know what's the word for that one)

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