Megupets Public domain project

Megupets Public domain project

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Hello,  i will be posting all new megupets on this website and if you have a public domain asset that you want to be redesign or edited to make it look like a megupet then just post the image here (with the link with proof that is public domain and its your work.. I try to avoid other content that is not public domain because i want the full megupets library to be public domain for anyone to use). I will try to submit 2 or 3 pets a week depending how many are submitted. It doesnt matter if its just a doodle or it has no color. I will take care of everything :)

All assets will be .png with no background 
- Idle
- Smile
- Sad

Also feel free to submit a name for the pet.

Here is an example of an asset from this website made by looneybits, turned into a megupet.

loobithappy.png loobithappy.png 72.3 Kb [0 download(s)]