Metaloid:Origin (Now Available on Steam)

Metaloid:Origin (Now Available on Steam)



We're working on 2d platformer gun'n run game called "Metaloid:Origin" inspire from Turrican+Megaman+gunstar Heroes we want it to be fast paced action where player can run across the level with high speed while flood the screen with bullet! in MO player can select 3 cat people commandos "Predator" fight against corrupted galactic company empire called "Lucius Corporation" who secretly plot to destroy their planet in order to mining mineral called "Soulrium"


We start Metaloid:Origin project since early 2014 but due the game become too big to handle we decide to put it on hold for while and move to smaller project "Metagal"

after released of Metagal in 2016 we're back to MO found it's code and art asset become outdate (when compare to Metagal) and decide to remake it entirely, thanks to Game maker studios 2 allow us to develop the game faster and have no compile issue which prevent us to polish the game like the time when we working on Metagal.

Despire graphic in MO could remind you Megaman but it's gameplay lean more toward run'n gun like Turrican, character in MO can move very fast and all weapon function base on automatic trigger, levels in MO usually wide and open allow character to jump around like playground. instead of gain power from defeat bosses player can spend "Soulrium" (Purple Gems) buy them from menu anytime they want but some power can only gain by exploration.



In MO player can select 1 from 3 characters each of them offer different weapon , power and upgrade.









Bosses enemies of each level you could face.


Metaloid:Origin aim to released on steam in 2018 and will come to console later.


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